The Good Gut is a holistic wellness and lifestyle brand that empowers You to heal your gut, reach a healthy weight, and feel great through 1:1 coaching, an online wellness and gut health shop.

Don’t let the buzz about gut health make you think this is just another fad. For decades, holistic practitioners have highlighted the importance of gut health, and recommended detoxes to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.  Western medicine is just now realizing that the trillions of microbes in our gut — called our “gut microbiome” — is central to our physical and mental health. It’s clear that a good gut is the straightest path to your healthiest self. Science supports this. Whether you work with me through 1:1 coaching, our digital wellness products, detoxes or cleanses, you’ll come to understand that a good gut starts with eating nutritious food, living a nourished life, and daily probiotics to grow and nourish the good gut bugs.

Our Approach

Here at the Good Gut we focus on what most others don't. If you’re here, our guess is that you know you could feel better. Maybe you’ve sought help for your ailments in the past but didn’t see any real improvement. At the Good Gut, we take a different approach than you may be used to. We build up your well-being by focusing on what it really takes to remove the modern day obstacles to health

  • Restore your gut for a healthy weight, better mood, and immune system

    We restore your gut health by working together to identify the nutritious foods both you and your gut like. Together, we come up with a plan that incorporates the best foods with probiotics — and supplements, if needed — to balance your microbiome. We also uncover food sensitivities and introduce gut-healing strategies that might in time give you the freedom to eat more and do more.

  • Learn to identify true nourishment on and off the plate

    We teach you the back-to-basics approach. A traditional diet of whole foods that’s free of added sugars, preservatives, and unfamiliar ingredients is simple in theory but people often need some guidance when getting started. Don’t worry, we take the time to find the right ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ food combinations that help you thrive right now in this current circumstance.

    Food isn’t the only thing that feeds your life. We use a unique tool called the Integrative Nutrition Circle of Life  to analyze your food on-and-off the plate to ensure that your life is abundantly nourished. Your ‘primary foods’ — like relationships, career, and exercise — are as important to a balanced gut as what you eat. We identify where there might be imbalances and how to address them.  

  • Harness sleep for your gut health and wellbeing

    Sleep is important to every aspect of your life, and at the Good Gut we elevate quality sleep back to its rightful place. We’ll work together to clean up your sleep hygiene and hammer out a bedtime routine that helps you get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Think sleep aids are off the table? Not necessarily. We’ll identify natural alternatives that increase the production of the hormone melatonin, which not only helps with sleep but also boosts mood, cognitive function and weight loss. When we get good restorative sleep, our bodies heal faster and work better.

  • Leverage accountability to reach your goals

    Let’s face it, we can Google anything. More than likely you already know what you need in order to be healthy! But sometimes it takes more than understanding to get the job done. Willpower is often in short supply after a day packed with Zoom meetings, office work, and caring for the household.  That’s why having a health coach makes a difference. We don’t just help you work through lifestyle and behavior modifications. We're here to mentor, inspire, guide, and motivate you to cultivate the positive habits you need to live your most extraordinary life.  This is it! You’ve found the thing. No more confusion, no more gimmicks, and no more wasting your valuable time and money. 

After working with Lisa my perspective on my health has completely changed.

Helen R. in the UK

I have now considered options to heal from a completely different perspective. I also feel  better about my eating habits!

Farihah B. in NYC

Lisa's listening is on a deeper level and her intuitive questions are just spot on every time.

Maddy G. in Italy

It was refreshing to work with someone who wasn't making me feel like I had to fit into someone else's box.

Erin M. in NYC

The Good Gut Signature Program

Whatever your current starting point is – a health coach gives you the skills to make changes that last. Information alone won’t create the type of results you’re after, and willpower will only get you so far. You need accountability and a guide who will help personally steer you around roadblocks. We're here for you, ready to help.

The 21 Day Cleanse

Embark on 21 Days of cleansing activity for your body.  Gently add foods, cleansing thoughts, and healthy actions into your daily life. From recipes to meal planning, health education, positive thoughts, immune building action steps, established habits, how-tos, and it’s all natural and we'll be there with you through the whole process.  In addition to the physical needs, this program includes spiritual enlightenment. We look at your environment, the people, the location, the surroundings. Immunity, inflammatory factors, toxins, hormones, thoughts, and dietary, and fitness are major focus. 

The Breakthrough Session

Do you ever feel like you just need a bit of a push, an extra hug or emotional support with solving a specific lifestyle or health issue in the moment? I hear that! Sometimes we get off track, and just need a little guidance from someone who can hold a non judgmental space for us, and support us to get over the crisis we're facing in the moment. In our 90 minute Breakthrough Session we go deep from the moment we get on the phone and get to the root of what's troubling you. You'll leave this call with specific action items that allow you to move forward in a major way.

Good Gut Probiotics

It used to be that we’d only take a probiotic if we just finished a round of antibiotics or were prone to conditions like yeast infections. We’ve come a long way. Studies now show that probiotics can prevent, ease, or eliminate symptoms of at least 22 chronic conditions especially when taken along with a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Why do we say certain probiotic strains can significantly improve digestion? There’s been a study for that. How do we know they promote a healthy body weight? There’s been a study for that. Can they really help balance your mood? You get the idea… Good Gut Probiotics is a carefully curated blend of 15 of the best probiotic strains. This pharmaceutical-grade capsule delivers 50 billion CFUs to restore your gut balance so you can start to lose the bloat, ditch the discomfort, and clear the fog.

  • Broad Spectrum Probiotic

    We mindfully selected 15 highly researched strains that most benefit digestion, immunity, and overall mind-body wellness. Good Gut Probiotics contain 50 billion CFUs — potent enough to actually feel a difference. Our probiotic supplement is backed by science — studies, not guesswork.

  • Super Clean Ingredients

    Our supplements are manufactured in the USA under current Good Manufacturing Practices that require products conform to standards of identity, purity, strength, and composition. No fillers, binders or dyes, only the good stuff — you know what’s going into your body. 

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We don’t want you to stress. If the Good Gut Probiotics isn’t working for you, we’d love to know about it and see if there’s a way we can help. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days for any reason. 

  • Immune System Support

    Staying healthy is on everyone’s minds. Probiotics help keep your immune system in tip top shape. They enhance the lining of the digestive tract where germs that cause infections like the common cold and flu take hold.

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How Can We Help You?

Lose Weight for Good

The specific types of bacteria currently in your gut could be influencing your metabolism, making it harder to burn fat and lose weight. Having a good mix of the right microbes in the gut is key to maintaining a healthy weight. Together, we’ll come up with an individualized plan that includes ways to eat that nourish and support your goals, lifestyle changes, and gut healing protocols for better health and weight loss.

Improve My Mood

If you’re suffering from depression or anxiety you should know that it isn’t in your head. It’s in your bloodstream and gut! If you want to improve your mood naturally, then you’re in the right place. Together, we’ll come up with an individualized plan of action that will include a tailored plan  around food, lifestyle, and psychobiotics that act as good mood food and improve the gut-brain connection.

Strengthen Immune System

Did you know that about 80% of your immune system is actually located in the gut? When your microbiome is out of balance it can be harder for your immune system to fight off even the common cold. If you’re looking for an evidence-based approach to strengthening your immune system, you're in the right place. We'll work to identify food sensitivities, heal the gut lining so that your immune system functions at its best. 

Meet Lisa

Hey! I’m Lisa, creator of the Good Gut. My goal was to design a holistic nutrition program that helps you finally FEEL GOOD, FOR GOOD. Maybe you’re carrying around extra weight. Perhaps you spend the day exhausted only to be wired at night. Stressed or depressed? I get it, because I’ve been where you are. So I know how to help.

We’re all doing our best to be healthy. Most of us know that diet, exercise, and lifestyle are important. But the problem is that it’s become so confusing! More importantly, we’ve lost sight of the fact that poor gut health is central to many of the physical and mental health challenges that we face today.  

I was blessed in that I got a head start on this as a kid. I was raised in a household where every food choice mattered. My brother and I groaned plenty about this, but later in life I’ve grown to appreciate my mother’s persistence and minimalist kitchen. Early exposure to eating simple, whole foods gave me a rock solid intuition about health, nutrition and lifestyle. I just didn’t know it at the time.

But even with this solid foundation, life caught up with me. Hey, I’m human. After a particularly stressful year, I gained weight and didn’t feel like I used to. While I knew how to eat healthy, I was desperate and succumbed to the fad diet of the time — an extremely low carb diet mixed with intermittent fasting. Not only did I fail to lose weight, I felt even worse than I did before I started. My plan backfired, and I had to go back to basics to rebuild my health through my gut. 

This experience motivated me to get clear on what I knew was healthy versus what I was seeing in conflicting online nutritional articles and media messages. And if I was struggling, I knew other people were too. The Good Gut came out of my first hand knowledge of riding the health roller coaster combined with an unwavering desire to help others achieve their optimal health. 

After earning a masters degree in public health I became a global health specialist, working in more than 15 countries. Through my health conscious childhood, professional experience, and training as a Certified Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was able to create a holistic nutrition program that helps improve the lives of others.