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Good Gut Probiotics

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Good Gut Probiotics

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Good Gut Probiotics is a carefully curated blend of 15 of the best probiotic strains. This pharmaceutical-grade capsule delivers 50 billion live cultures to restore your gut balance so you can lose the bloat, ditch the discomfort, and clear the fog. Formulated with 15 of the most coveted probiotic strains — You’re gut’s well covered. Our probiotics contain 50 billion CFUs, which is potent enough to actually feel a difference. No fillers, binders, or dyes -- only the good stuff so that you know what’s going into your body.




Smarter Immune System* — Reduce disruptions from seasonal sniffles
Probiotics help keep your immune system in tip top shape. They enhance the lining of the digestive tract where germs that cause infections like the common cold and flu take hold. Clinical studies show that probiotics reduce the chances of developing a respiratory tract infection, and lower the severity of flu-like illnesses so that you can stay out of doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Good Mood Food* — Handle stress with more resilience
We all know that stress upsets our stomach. Conversely, poor digestion can increase feelings of anxiety. Probiotics truly promote a better mind-body connection. Life doesn’t have to revolve around uncomfortable or embarrassing digestive issues. What’s more, a healthy gut naturally helps balance your mood. 

Better Digestion* — Run the show, not to the bathroom
This is where probiotics shine. Get reprieve from your worst GI symptoms — gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, discomfort, nausea, and heartburn. Whether your tummy troubles stem from IBS, antibiotics, or a bout of food poisoning, probiotics help restore your balance and in some cases, really improve your quality of life. 

Healthy Body Weight* — Reduce cravings and burn fat, naturally
Maintaining an ideal body weight starts in infancy, believe it or not. The earlier a healthy microbiome is established, the easier it is to maintain your ideal body weight throughout adulthood. But it’s never too late. Studies found that probiotics could promote weight reduction and healthy metabolism. 

Improved Skin Texture* — Goodbye alligator skin
You know how beauty starts from the inside? This is a perfect example. All sorts of things can affect the way your skin looks and feels. Fungal infections, eczema, and inflammation can cause intense itching and skin damage. Probiotics can help manage the underlying causes of skin irritation.

Healthy Joints* — Be limitless
The lucky ones among us only start to feel a natural stiffness in the joints as we age. Others experience inflammation and pain that isn’t considered part of the normal aging process. It turns out there might be a connection between gut health and inflammation. 

Respiratory Support* — Relief from annoying allergy symptoms
Probiotics make your immune system smarter, not stronger. Your body comes to understand the difference between a real threat (like a pathogen) and something that shouldn’t be so harmful (like pollen). 

Heart Health* — The statistics are scary
Heart disease is the number one cause of death in men and women of every background. A balanced gut microbiome can help keep the cardiovascular system running smoothly.

Detoxification & Elimination* — Protect your body’s ability to get rid of what no longer serves it
The liver and kidneys process and eliminate byproducts your body can’t use. And just think of the job they have to perform all day, every day. Medications, alcohol, toxins, hormones, minerals… you name it and chances are the liver or kidneys handle it. But sometimes they get overwhelmed, leading to all sorts of health problems. Probiotics have been shown to benefit the function of these organs.

Backed by science — studies, not guesswork.