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At the Good Gut, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all nutrition advice. We take the time to nourish the mind, body and gut. We offer personalized plans, 1-on-1 coaching, supplements, and access to a community of people like you. With our range of products and services, you’ll learn how to become healthy in a more holistic and sustainable way. And with the most bang for your health bucks!


Nutrition coachHealth coachLifestyle coach. Call us what you will, but our goal is to get you from Point A to Point B on your wellness journey. As the saying goes, “Coaching is the universal language of change and learning”.  The Good Gut Coaching focuses on the following three simple, but powerful approaches to transforming your health.

Three simple yet powerful approaches to transformation!

Nourishment with right foods

Lifestyle optimization

Restoring healthy gut flora

Online Community of Support

We’ve created an online community of like-minded members to support and encourage each other on this health journey. We do challenges, share tips, blog posts and videos on the latest on gut health, food, lifestyle, and movement to support gut health and well-being.    


Food and lifestyle can take you a long way but sometimes, our bodies need a little extra help. Supplements for gut health can make a big difference but only if they’re used the right way. Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equal, and even many healthcare professionals give bad advice. We only offer products that we would take. That means we never include anything artificial, only use plant-based ingredients, and source organic wherever possible.  We are proud to launch our first product - the Good Gut Probiotics. Learn more here. When you buy supplements from the Good Gut, you enjoy the following.

We only offer products we’d take ourselves. That means superior quality, ultra safe, and fairly priced.  There's no guesswork in our formulas, they are all backed by science. Your gut's well covered!

We don’t want you to stress. If the Good Gut Probiotics isn’t working for you, we’d love to know about it and see if there’s a way we can help. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. 

Our supplements are manufactured in the USA under current Good Manufacturing Practices that require products conform to standards of identity, purity, strength, and composition.

Expect these life changing results!

A Good Gut

Healthy Weight

Improved Mood

Boosted Immunity

Natural Energy

Clearer Skin

Meet Lisa

We’re all doing our best to be healthy. Most of us know that diet, exercise, and lifestyle are important. But the problem is that it’s become so confusing! More importantly, we’ve lost sight of the fact that poor gut health is central to many of the physical and mental health challenges that we face today.  


I was lucky because I got a head start on this as a kid. I was raised in a household where every food choice mattered. My brother and I groaned plenty about this, but later in life I’ve grown to appreciate my mother’s persistence and minimalist kitchen. Early exposure to eating simple, whole foods gave me a rock solid intuition about health, nutrition and lifestyle. I just didn’t know it at the time.


But even with this solid foundation, life caught up with me. Hey, I’m human. After a particularly stressful year, I gained weight and didn’t feel like I used to. While I knew how to eat healthy, I was desperate and succumbed to the fad diet of the time — an extremely low carb diet mixed with intermittent fasting. Not only did I fail to lose weight, I felt even worse than I did before I started. My plan backfired, and I had to go back to basics to rebuild my health through my gut. 

This experience motivated me to get clear on what I knew was healthy versus what I was seeing in conflicting online nutritional articles and media messages. And if I was struggling, I knew other people were too. The Good Gut came out of my first hand knowledge of riding the health roller coaster combined with an unwavering desire to help others achieve their optimal health. 

Through my health conscious childhood, professional public health experience, and training as a Certified Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was able to create a holistic nutrition program that helps improve the lives of others.  I'm happy to have you here, and look forward to knowing how I can help.

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