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Losing weight isn’t easy. This is why the average person gains 11 pounds for every diet attempted. Although we all should know better by now, we keep getting suckered into ‘crash diets’, health trends like eating low-to-no carbs, and extreme fitness that raises cortisol and makes it even harder to shed pounds. 

Most of these schemes fail to deliver quick transformation, and offer a modest weight loss – if at all. Your appetite increases with extreme calorie restriction and weight gain is rapid. Since nobody wants to be hungry and gain weight at the same time, we need to focus on gut health rather than get-thin-quick schemes. 

Let me explain why...

The specific types of bacteria currently in your gut, known as your microbiota, could be influencing your metabolism, making it harder to burn fat and lose weight. Having a good mix of the right microbes in the gut is key to maintaining a healthy weight. 

Research continues to back this up!

Full disclosure: This program is not about meeting a specific beauty standard. The goal isn’t to fit into jeans you wore 20 years ago, though that’s entirely possible. Instead, I help you achieve a healthy weight so that you can reach your physical, emotional, and spiritual potential.

Together, we’ll come up with an individualized plan of action that will include:

Eating to nourish, support your goals
Lifestyle optimization
Plans to heal the gut 

Ready to feel better and DO MORE? Great! 

The first step is to schedule your free, no-obligation call with me. What are your goals? What do you see for yourself? It’s all possible, and we’ll discover if this program is the right one to get you there.