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Good Gut Probiotics

Good Gut Probiotics is a carefully curated blend of 15 of the best probiotic strains. This pharmaceutical-grade capsule delivers 50 billion live cultures to restore your gut balance so you can start to lose the bloat, ditch the discomfort, and clear the fog. 

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Smarter Immune System* — Reduce disruptions from seasonal sniffles

Probiotics help keep your immune system in tip top shape. They enhance the lining of the digestive tract where germs that cause infections like the common cold and flu take hold. Clinical studies show that probiotics reduce the chances of developing a respiratory tract infection, and lower the severity of flu-like illnesses so that you can stay out of doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Good Mood Food* — Handle stress with more resilience

We all know that stress upsets our stomach. Conversely, poor digestion can increase feelings of anxiety. Probiotics truly promote a better mind-body connection. Life doesn’t have to revolve around uncomfortable or embarrassing digestive issues. What’s more, a healthy gut naturally helps balance your mood. 

• Reduce the pain and severity of IBS symptoms, a major source of anxiety and stress in those who deal with a gut imbalance

• Emotionally cope with challenging health conditions better

• Ease general feelings of anxiety

• One study even showed that subjects taking probiotics were better able to multitask and express empathy!

Better Digestion* — Run the show, not to the bathroom

This is where probiotics shine. Get reprieve from your worst GI symptoms — gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, discomfort, nausea, and heartburn. Whether your tummy troubles stem from IBS, antibiotics, or a bout of food poisoning, probiotics help restore your balance and in some cases, really improve your quality of life. 

• Reclaim your social life

• Enjoy food again and have confidence to eat in public

• No more running to the bathroom in a hurry

• Get rid of bloat and feel like yourself again

• No more straining, feeling backed up, or smelly poo

• Digest the nutrients in your food better

Healthy Body Weight* — Reduce cravings and burn fat, naturally

Maintaining an ideal body weight starts in infancy, believe it or not. The earlier a healthy microbiome is established, the easier it is to maintain your ideal body weight throughout adulthood. But it’s never too late. Studies found that probiotics could promote weight reduction and a healthy metabolism. 

• Drop a few pounds of belly weight, if necessary

• Underweight? Better absorption of nutrients can help get you where you need to be

• Burn the specific type of fat that makes it hard to lose weight

• Pass on good weight genes to children in the womb

• Promote a healthy response to insulin

Improved Skin Texture* — Goodbye alligator skin

You know how beauty starts from the inside? This is a perfect example. All sorts of things can affect the way your skin looks and feels. Fungal infections, eczema, and inflammation can cause intense itching and skin damage. Probiotics can help manage the underlying causes of skin irritation.

• Less redness and swelling

• Lose the urge to scratch and have less scratch marks with oozing and crusting

• Reduce skin thickening 

• Less sleeplessness due to itch in both children and adults

Healthy Joints* — Be limitless

The lucky ones among us only start to feel a natural stiffness in the joints as we age. Others experience inflammation and pain that isn’t considered part of the normal aging process. It turns out there might be a connection between gut health and inflammation. 

• Reduce inflammation and joint pain

• Avoid medication and surgery

• Stay independent 

Respiratory Support* — Relief from annoying allergy symptoms

Probiotics make your immune system smarter, not stronger. Your body comes to understand the difference between a real threat (like a pathogen) and something that shouldn’t be so harmful (like pollen). 

• Decrease severity and frequency of sinus issues, stuffy nose, and post-nasal drip

• Sleep better because you can breathe better

• Lower your “Total Nasal Symptom Score”, meaning less sneezing, itchiness, and watery eyes. 

• Breathe easier, not wheezier

Heart Health* — The statistics are scary

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in men and women of every background. A balanced gut microbiome can help keep the cardiovascular system running smoothly.

• Reduce “bad” cholesterol

• Promote a healthy insulin response 

Detoxification & Elimination* — Protect your body’s ability to get rid of what no longer serves it

The liver and kidneys process and eliminate byproducts your body can’t use. And just think of the job they have to perform all day, every day. Medications, alcohol, toxins, hormones, minerals… you name it and chances are the liver or kidneys handle it. But sometimes they get overwhelmed, leading to all sorts of health problems. Probiotics have been shown to benefit the function of these organs.

• Reduce fluid retention in the abdomen resulting from liver dysfunction

• Lower your body’s levels of harmful ammonia 

• Help manage the effects of excessive alcohol intake (with guidance from a doctor)

• Promote healthy kidney function

Immune System

Digestive System

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Improved Skin Texture 

Detoxification & Elimination

Bacillus Coagulans

A powerhouse probiotic. Medical practices in other countries like Israel, France, and Germany actually prescribe B. coagulins therapeutically for immune support. Research and clinical evidence back up its ability to fight off invading viruses and pathogens. It also helps relieve symptoms of IBS including pain and bloating. This strain can survive stomach acid and colonize the entire GI tract.


B. Breve

B. breve inhabits the digestive tract and vagina, fighting off bacteria and yeast that can cause vaginal infections. It also helps your body absorb nutrients from food by fermenting sugars and breaking down plant fiber.

B. Infantis

Named because of its benefits to infants, B. infantis is particularly good for the tummies of little ones. It helps to minimize GI distress and support the development of a healthy immune system in babies and adults.

B. Lactis

This is a common and versatile strain that’s found in foods like yogurt and fermented milk. It supports digestion, a healthy immune system, and can relieve occasional constipation. B. lactis may also help fight obesity.

B. Longum

Protects your intestinal walls from harmful bacteria by helping to break down proteins and sugars, like lactose. It supports digestion and can relieve occasional constipation. B. longum might also help your mind and body better cope with stress.


L. Acidophilus

The most researched of all probiotics, it’s found in the small intestine and vagina. Benefits of this versatile strain include improving digestion, helping to fight off vaginal infections, and supporting a healthy cardiovascular and immune system. What’s more, studies show it can reduce allergy symptoms, aid in the absorption of nutrients, and promote healthy infant development.

L. Bulgaricus

Among the first probiotics to be studied, L. bulgaricus lives in the digestive tract. Not only does it improve symptoms of leaky gut and help you better digest dairy, it also supports healthy cholesterol levels and helps the body fight infections.

L. Casei

A superstar probiotic strain that not only benefits the body, but is also used to make many of the cultured foods we love. L. casei improves digestion, strengthens the immune system, reduces allergy symptoms, and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

L. Fermentum

If you eat sourdough bread, you’re already familiar with L. fermentum. And unlike some other strains, this probiotic can withstand stomach acid and populate our intestines with no problem. It lives in mouths, guts, and vaginas. Babies actually acquire their first dose during vaginal birth! L. fermentum improves the immune system, fights digestive diseases, and helps keep cholesterol under control.

L. Gasseri

May directly help with weight loss. L. gasseri seems to help regulate blood sugar and hormones, reduce belly fat, and activate fat-burning genes. It lives in our digestive and urinary tracts.

L. Plantarum

The gladiator of the probiotic world, L. plantarum is strong enough to survive the harsh journey of your GI tract. On its way, this particular strain produces antibodies that attack the bad bacteria in your gut, making it super beneficial for your body’s microbiome. It supports digestion, relieves occasional bloating and discomfort, and supports the immune system.

L. Reuteri

Promotes oral health, women’s health, and supports the cardiovascular system. L. reuteri naturally exists in the intestines and can withstand harsh stomach acid and bile.

L. Rhamnosus

Your body, as well as dairy products, contain L. rhamnosus. It’s good at sticking to the lining of the intestinal wall, which means it helps your body’s other friendly bacteria thrive. It also supports the immune system, reduces allergy symptoms, and relieves digestive issues like constipation and IBS.

Saccharomyces Boulardii 

Helps relieve diarrhea related illnesses and can help fight infections like H. pylori. 

Streptococcus Thermophilus

Research shows S. thermophilus has tons of amazing health benefits. For one thing, it produces antibiotic chemicals that can help prevent infections like pneumonia and C. difficile. But it also can minimize ulcers, improve digestion, and reduce effects of allergy-related conditions like atopic dermatitis. 

FOS Prebiotics

FOS stands for “fructooligosaccharide”. You don’t need to remember that, but a FOS is basically an indigestible carbohydrate. What’s it doing in a probiotic blend? Prebiotics are the food for probiotics. Probiotic blends that don’t include prebiotics will be less effective because the organisms will “starve” and die off. Because FOS travel intact through the digestive system, they support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.  

How many bottles should I order?  

Better health starts with simple changes. To get the full benefits and have an uninterrupted supply, we recommend taking advantage of our three or six bottle offer, or sign up for the Good Gut Club subscription. This will ensure that you have enough probiotics on hand to achieve your health goals, and enable you to take advantage of the best pricing and free shipping.  

When do I take it?  

It is best to take probiotics first thing in the morning before breakfast, when stomach acid levels are lower.

How long before I notice a difference?

Depending on how long your gut health has been compromised, it takes time to get ahead of it. Remember you won’t feel most of the effects instantly. Changes take time and things that take time require patience. The effects of probiotics are optimized with a healthy diet, exercise, stress management, and 7-9 hours of sleep each night.  

What quality standards are in place?  

Our supplements are manufactured in the USA under current Good Manufacturing Practices that require products conform to standards of identity, purity, strength, and composition. No fillers, binders, or artificial additives are used in the manufacturing process. 

What if probiotics don't work for me?

We only offer products we’d take ourselves. That means superior quality, ultra safe, and fairly priced. We don’t want you to stress. If the Good Gut Probiotics isn’t working for you, we’d love to know about it and see if there’s a way we can help. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days for any reason. 



General discomfort of the stomach and digestive system can have so many underlying causes. It often takes some time and digging to fully understand the whole picture. However, paying attention to your gut bacteria is a good place to start when addressing gas, bloating, stomach cramps, heartburn, diarrhea or constipation. 

A link exists between a diverse microbiome and a healthier body weight. Weight loss or weight gain that has no apparent cause might actually be explained by what’s going on inside the gut. For example, the condition called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (also known as SIBO) occurs when too many microbes inhabit the gut, affecting your ability to absorb nutrients. Specific strains of probiotics found in Good Gut Probiotics, like B. coagulins, help rebalance the gut and manage the overgrowth. 


The “anti” in antibiotics means anti-life. These medications do a great job of killing the bacteria that might otherwise kill us when we have infections. The problem is that they also destroy the good bacteria, the ones our guts need. This leads to an imbalance in the microbiome (known as “dysbiosis”) which can cause stomach upset and a whole host of other problems that might persist long after you’ve finished taking the antibiotics. Replacing the gut with the good bacteria it needs is important.


Falling in love gives us butterflies. Public speaking makes some of us feel sick. Stress makes us lose our appetite or raid the fridge. It’s no accident that our emotions and digestive system are interconnected. That’s because 95% of the body’s serotonin is produced by gut bacteria. A healthy microbiome can improve how we deal with stress through a process called a “positive feedback loop” with the nervous system. Improving gut health by eating more cultured and enzyme-rich foods and supplementing with a probiotic could help your body cope with stress and reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and fatigue. 


The health of your gut determines the health of your immune system. In fact, about 80% of your immune system lives in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The GI tract is the body’s first line of defense against germs. A well-colonized microbiome with a variety of “good bacteria” species can help strengthen the immune system and keep you up and running. 


Skin problems like hives, rashes, eczema, psoriasis and acne can be rooted in an imbalance in the gut flora. Seasonal allergies, and even food allergies or sensitivities, can stem from a state called “leaky gut” where microscopic particles can actually slip through the lining of the digestive tract and trigger reactions. Healing the gut can be an important part of reducing symptoms of allergic conditions. Since allergies and asthma can be very serious, please make sure you check in with your doctor. 

Where good bacteria lives, troublesome fungus like candida does not. Candida overgrowth can cause all kinds of well-known problems like skin, nail, and vaginal infections. What’s less recognized, though, is that candida overgrowth can also lead to digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and gas. Populating the gut with probiotics helps control candida.


Do you have a sweet tooth that won’t quit? There could be a few reasons for this, so check in with your doctor to rule out other serious conditions. But it could also be a sign that your gut’s out of balance, especially if you noticed sugar cravings after taking antibiotics. If food cravings have taken over your life, probiotics + a mindful change of habits can make a huge difference.

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