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28 Day Cleanse
28 Day Cleanse28 Day Cleanse28 Day Cleanse28 Day Cleanse28 Day Cleanse

The 28 Day Cleanse guides you in embracing the power of nutrition and consuming a diet founded on fresh, natural, unprocessed foods. 

Using effective nutritional principles such as 'bio-individuality' and 'crowding out', the 28 Day Cleanse will help you restore your gut, reset your metabolism and reboot your system. Expect to feel lighter, healthier and more energetic than you have in years. 

The best part is this is not a short-term result. Once you complete the cleanse, you will find that making healthier choices will be easier and more enjoyable. You will be inspired and motivated to continue your health transformation and we will be with you every step of the way on your journey to wellness! 

Our cleanse promotes the following nutritional and lifestyle principles:

- Plant-based nutrition

- Bio-individuality

- Gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free 

- Primary food nutrition 

No Gimmicks, Just the Facts

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Smarter Immune System* — Reduce disruptions from seasonal sniffles

Your immune system is directly tied to your gut and since a detox program helps to restore digestive health, your immune system will strengthen. The Cleanse gets rid of sugar laden drinks, the ‘whites’ – refined carbs and sugars which cause inflammation and wreak havoc on the gut. Less inflammation in the body from reduced intake of refined sugarsleads to better immune system function. 

Boost Energy Naturally * — Say goodbye to feeling blah 

Drinking coffee or energy drinks to make up for your lack of energy only worsens the problem because after the “high” wears off and you crash! The Cleanse eliminates processed foods, alcohol, refined sugar, caffeine to give your liver and adrenals a much-needed break. By removing stored toxins frees up some of your body’s energy, leaving you feeling more energized and refreshed. 

Space to Add More Joy * — Detoxify with mood food

This whole food nutritional cleanse clears pathways overburdened with toxins. Crowding out unhealthy foods with clean ones, will help release feel good hormones and rid toxic emotions such as anxiety, depression, fear, anger and so on. This emotional detox helps you achieve a state of peace and harmony.

Rewired Brain * — Stop cravings for unhealthy foods 

A diet of refined carbs and sugars increases bad gut bacteria and yeasts such as candida which sends cravings into overdrive. By removing the 'whites' from your diet and replacing this with whole foods, you'll discourage bad gut bacteria and candida growth. The process of elimination and replacement will increase your ability to control cravings and overcome addictions to alcohol, sugar, and other unhealthy habits.

Healthy Body Weight* — Reduce cravings and burn fat, naturally

This Cleanse allows your liver to rest and regenerate, which means it will produce more bile, which the digestive systems use to break down fat. After four weeks of no drinking your liver will start to shed excess fat. You will maintain a healthier weight because you eat better, your insulin response is optimized, and your digestive system absorbs and eliminates as it was designed.

More Radiant Skin* — Get your glow back

You know how beauty starts from the inside? This is a perfect example. Your skin pushes out a lot of the troublesome compounds that your liver would normally handle, and sometimes, it shows in the form of acne or dull-looking skin. Once your body is free of toxins and free radicals it’s going to show through your skin. The Cleanse eliminates inflammatory foods associated with troubled skin — specifically dairy, processed carbohydrates, refined sugars, and diuretics such as caffeine and alcohol. Your skin will begin to look dewier and more youthful as hydration restores.

Detoxification & Elimination* — Protect your body’s ability to get rid of what no longer serves it

The liver and kidneys process and eliminate byproducts your body can’t use. And just think of the job they have to perform all day, every day. Medications, alcohol, toxins, hormones, minerals… you name it and chances are the liver or kidneys handle it. But sometimes they get overwhelmed, leading to all sorts of health problems. The Cleanse adds in specific detox-friendly foods that have been shown to improve digestion, help heal the gut (since a leaky gut allows unwanted toxins into the bloodstream), and support the liver or assist your body's detoxification processes in other ways.

Regenerate & Restore* — Unlock your body's healing potential

Your body is quite adept at self-healing. Providing it with the right nutrition is the key to unlocking its self-healing potential. All illnesses start from the gut and the same holds for healing. By doing a nutritional cleanse, you reset your body’s healing ability so all of your bodily functions work as they should without having to deal with unnecessary stress.

Cleanse Philosophy

The 28 Day Cleanse is an all-natural cleanse for the body, mind, and soul. Gently add foods, cleansing thoughts, and healthy actions into your daily life with the support of our Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. This is a nice, stand-alone program, but can also be a way for you to achieve your long-term wellness goals. From recipes to meal planning, health education, positive thoughts, immune building action steps, established habits, how-tos - it’s all-natural and we'll be there with you through the whole process. Here's a blueprint of the program.

Eliminate | You are guided in eliminating and 'crowding out' inflammatory foods

Cleanse | Learn the natural foods, herbal teas, and supplements that help with detoxification

Restore | Replace the good gut bacteria through nutritional and 'good gut' lifestyle habits

Week 1 | Drink zero-calorie beverages

Doing a cleanse does not need to be a dreadful experience. In week one you'll embrace simple lifestyle habits that nourish your mind, body, and soul; and focus on the vibrant health you are claiming for your future. You'll have the guidance you need to clean your pantry, toss out the toxic foods, and sample new recipes that you like that are cleansing. This is also a good time to make sure you have the support of other household members. In week one, you'll also stop drinking all beverages that have calories.

Week 2 | Clean your plate 

You should already see a difference in your energy and spirit by now. In week two, you'll be adding a green smoothie or raw veggies every day. You'll get a recipe guide to help you make this transition with ease. Your recipe book was specially designed to use during this cleanse. Look over the recipes and decide what you’d like to make this week, so you can create your shopping list with those in mind. 

Week 3 | Ditch the whites

In week three, you'll take this a bit further and ditch refined carbs and sugars. This week's eating makeover will have a huge impact on how you look and feel. Limiting “white stuff” is one of the best ways to feel and look your best!

Week 4 | Ditch the Dairy

You’ve eliminated alcohol, caffeine, the whites (sugar, carbs), and all kinds of other toxins. In week four, we're asking you to stretch your limits just a little bit and ditch all dairy products. Dairy does have its good points, and we aren’t asking you to give it up forever. Instead, think of this as a week-long experiment. 

Immediate access to the Cleanse

Upon registration, you will receive immediate access to:

  • 28 Day Cleanse 
  • 10 Cleanse Implementation Guides
  • Guidance on what to eat, what to avoid
  • Weeks 1-4 Cheat Sheets
  • Online support from our Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

*This is a digital program to save trees and save you money on shipping charges & give you instant access.

Is this Cleanse good for weight loss?

When your body has excess toxins, they tend to get stored in your fat cells which can make any attempt to lose weight very difficult unless you first flush out the toxins. So, if you have been experiencing trouble losing weight or have been gaining weight uncontrollably despite your attempts at exercising regularly and following a healthy diet, then you may need to do a cleanse.  

Having an excess of toxins in your body and stored in your fat will cause your body to hold on to that excess fat. Your body knows if it starts to breakdown its fat stores, it's only going to release a load of toxins that your body is unable to properly excrete. In fact, we even CREATE fat cells to store these toxins if needed. 

A stressed-out liver can also cause fat to build up, especially around the belly. Added together, this can mean that no matter how much you restrict calories, weight loss is near impossible-unless you detox your liver.

This Cleanse allows your liver to rest and regenerate, which means it will produce more bile, which the digestive systems use to break down fat.

After four weeks of no drinking your liver will start to shed excess fat.You will maintain a healthier weight because you eat better, your insulin response is optimized, and your digestive system absorbs and eliminates as it was designed.

What type of support is available during the Cleanse?

You will receive daily email support from our certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lisa. In addition, you will have access to generous discounts to the online wellness shop that includes pharmaceutical grade gut health supplements and special offers for 1:1 coaching and digital wellness opportunities. 

What is available to me after the 28 days?

Our 28 Day Cleanse is meant to set you on the right path to health. It features all natural methods that will help reboot your system by flushing out the accumulated toxins, reducing inflammation and training your brain to crave healthy foods instead of the sugar-laden alternatives that you’ve most likely been eating to get an upsurge of energy. Be sure to talk to the Good Gut certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach about continuing programs to sustain and build on new lifestyle habits.

What supplements should I take?

We recommend you take the Colon Cleanse and a daily probiotic to assist you during the 28 days of cleansing. You will receive a special offer when you sign up. 

What Clients Say About Working With Lisa 

Absolutely Brilliant

Before working with Lisa, Italy was in lockdown. So, I was overeating and a little nervous about where my future was headed. After working with Lisa everything changed! Lisa's listening is on a deeper level, her intuitive questions are just spot on every time.

Maddy Gray | The Dharma Code

It Was Invaluable!

Work with Lisa if you're looking for someone who is going to think outside the box on your behalf, help you to try things that you haven't tried before, and help you reframe your mindset about getting healthy and what it means to feel good!

Erin Michaela | Form & Flow 

I Really Really Loved It

Lisa helped me rethink some aspects of my nutritional intake and make some changes. I adapted her advice to to ensure my diet supported my immune system and lifestyle. I also improved my sleep hygiene, started training more regularly.

Helen Retallic 

Gave Me a New Perspective

Lisa is super helpful and attentive and she really wants to get down to the root cause of your problems. I have now considered different options to heal from another perspective.

Farihah Begum | Shukie Yoga

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